personal care aides

I want to be a personal care aides so i wont have to work with many people.  when you become a personal care aides you need to have job responsibilities.For different jobs you will always need  different skills.When you have a job you need a good egoucashion expedients.

When you have a job you have to have a job responsibilities when you have to tack care of someone older.when you are a personal care aides you have to know how to drive and have a drivers lesson.You also need to know how to do house cleaning.If you now how to feed yourself then you need to know to how to feed the person that you are taking care of.

When taking care of a older person you need to how skills so you know what to do.Some skill that you need to know is to put thing in the place that it need to go.You have to help with the epitome and know what it will help with and if it is the right one.You have to know how to payadtenshion when they need it.Egoucashion expedients you need to have a good high school diploma.You have to be in a training program.

Tessie and Katniss differences and similar

Tessie and Katniss are the same in some ways but different in other.They both in something that includes death.However Tessie dies but Katinss is still alive.Also Tessie was selfish and wanted her kids to get picked instead of her but Katniss did not want her sister to die so she go’s instead.

Both Tessie and Katniss where in a lottery the government was the one how did something with the lottery.Tessie and Katniss where with there family.They where both in in dad dysotpnia.

Tessie was fine with the lottery as long as they did not pick her but Katniss did not like it one bit. Katniss said “Effie Trinket crosses back to the podium smooths the slip of paper  and reads out the name in a clear voice and its not me.This tells me that she was scared of her name getting picked to go into the lottery.

Katniss want’s her family to be safe but Tessie will kill her family. Katniss said “I volunteer I volunteer” this shoes that Katniss was trying to save her sister.Tessie said “tack my doter please”this shoes that Tessie did gave up her family.

This is how Tessie and Katniss are some and different.They where both in a lottery but Katniss wants to save her family and Tessie will kill her family to stay alive.This what is Tessie and Katniss are with there family.

Cesar Chaves

I think Cesar Chavez should be the name of my school.Cesar Chavez help his family by dropping out  to help his mom.Cesar Chavez help by telling people they where in danger.Cesar Chavez was working for a few decades for working rights.

Cesar Chavez dropped out of school when he was in 7th grad so then his mom dos not have to work in the fields all alone.Cesar Chavez was around the age 12-13 years old when he dropped out of school.Cesar did this because when he was in school they did not have much to eat so with him there it can get them a little bit more food.

Cesar Chavez help by telling people by telling them that they where in danger by working there.The people where thankful about that he help them.Cesar Chavez help all of them from the danger working place.

Taking over

I think that the wold will end by animals taking over. The animals will eat all the plats like fruits and vestibules. Then the people will go hungry which then they will kill animals.After there will be no food to eat so then we starve and die.

year change

I want to change three things this year.I want to manage my time for my school work.I want to pass 6th grade and move on to 7th grade.I want to make my hobby of nail to come true.

I want to manage my time on my homework,feeding my cat,and have free time.

I want to pass 6th grade and move on to 7th grade so that I can get out of school.

I want to mace my hobby of nails to come true so that I can be like my antes that do nails.

I want to manage my time pass 7th grade and do nails.

I will do it even if people think that I will nit.











Give Thanks

I am thankful for my family

I see someone I can talk to someone who tells me rite and rouge.

I love my parent they have a kind hart my sister help me with what I need.

I am thankful for my family.

I feel happy for my clothing and I have something.

I wonder how meany clothing there is.

I can buy clothing and have something.

I know my cat love me when I don’t get them mad.

I understand if my cat gets mad at me.

im fortunate becaues  my cat came to me  at my home.

I dream all that they grow old and can have a good life.

Im thankful for my cat.

with gratitude form lesly.

The lottery

Based on the words and actions of old man Warner in Shirley Jackson’s story The Lottery I think he is  happy about the lottery.

My text evidence is  “That over in north over in the North village they’re talking of giving the lottery up old man Warner  snorted.”pack of crazy fools,” he said listening to the  young folks.

He bevels in the lottery and  wants to keep it.

I conclude that old man  is happy and dos not want to give up the lottery.

I pray that one day we will have world peace

We shod help have more good people in the world . let them see that they shod not do it.And to see if it was a good case why they did it.

We shod stop killing to stop making guns. And help the people with the problem.and see what happen

We shod let the slaves be free and stop telling people what to do.To lock up the person who had them as slaves.And to let them do what they want but bad.

World peace is freedom.

We shod help each with are freedom.

We shod have have are freedom and peace

School Party

If I stay after school at a party with my friends I  will go to the art room and paint with the and a composition out of it .We will play and have fun with them.I will eat and talk with them and eat snakes.we will whant to do crafts

Nature walk

    I went on a nature walk with my nosy class.Me and my class sole a beaver dam.I got stuck in the thorns. I felt spider webs on me from time to time.

Beaver dam

I sole the beaver dam in the middle of the lack.The Beaver dam had different sizes of wood.I sloe broking trees so I think the beavers cut them for the dam.

Spider webs

The spider webs got stuck on me.I sloe a spider close to the web.The webs were on most trees.

The nature walk was fun when I dittent  get stack the thorns.

I sole a beaver dam,Thorns,and spider webs.

Stay far from thorns if you go on a nature walk.