Tessie and Katniss differences and similar

Tessie and Katniss are the same in some ways but different in other.They both in something that includes death.However Tessie dies but Katinss is still alive.Also Tessie was selfish and wanted her kids to get picked instead of her but Katniss did not want her sister to die so she go’s instead.

Both Tessie and Katniss where in a lottery the government was the one how did something with the lottery.Tessie and Katniss where with there family.They where both in in dad dysotpnia.

Tessie was fine with the lottery as long as they did not pick her but Katniss did not like it one bit. Katniss said “Effie Trinket crosses back to the podium smooths the slip of paperĀ  and reads out the name in a clear voice and its not me.This tells me that she was scared of her name getting picked to go into the lottery.

Katniss want’s her family to be safe but Tessie will kill her family. Katniss said “I volunteer I volunteer” this shoes that Katniss was trying to save her sister.Tessie said “tack my doter please”this shoes that Tessie did gave up her family.

This is how Tessie and Katniss are some and different.They where both in a lottery but Katniss wants to save her family and Tessie will kill her family to stay alive.This what is Tessie and Katniss are with there family.

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