personal care aides

I want to be a personal care aides so i wont have to work with many people.  when you become a personal care aides you need to have job responsibilities.For different jobs you will always need  different skills.When you have a job you need a good egoucashion expedients.

When you have a job you have to have a job responsibilities when you have to tack care of someone older.when you are a personal care aides you have to know how to drive and have a drivers lesson.You also need to know how to do house cleaning.If you now how to feed yourself then you need to know to how to feed the person that you are taking care of.

When taking care of a older person you need to how skills so you know what to do.Some skill that you need to know is to put thing in the place that it need to go.You have to help with the epitome and know what it will help with and if it is the right one.You have to know how to payadtenshion when they need it.Egoucashion expedients you need to have a good high school diploma.You have to be in a training program.

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