Cesar Chaves

I think Cesar Chavez should be the name of my school.Cesar Chavez help his family by dropping out  to help his mom.Cesar Chavez help by telling people they where in danger.Cesar Chavez was working for a few decades for working rights.

Cesar Chavez dropped out of school when he was in 7th grad so then his mom dos not have to work in the fields all alone.Cesar Chavez was around the age 12-13 years old when he dropped out of school.Cesar did this because when he was in school they did not have much to eat so with him there it can get them a little bit more food.

Cesar Chavez help by telling people by telling them that they where in danger by working there.The people where thankful about that he help them.Cesar Chavez help all of them from the danger working place.

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